Politics and the Pulpit - An Interview with Rev. Jim Harnish

Episode 37 · April 6th, 2017 · 42 mins 9 secs

About this Episode

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Guest: Rev. Jim Harnish, author and retired United Methodist pastor
General Topic: Politics and Preaching

Introduction to Jim Harnish (0:59)
Thanks to Jim (2:26)
Philosophy of preaching (3:19)
Relationship of politics and preaching (4:48)
Should we look for political parallels? (12:38)
Sensitivity to how messages are received (15:51)
Importance of personal relationships (19:38)
Presenting all sides (21:44)
Planting seeds of unity (25:55)
Personal outlets and practices (29:24)
Challenging preaching experiences (32:02)
Impactful communicators (35:14)
Recommended books and resources (37:40)
How to follow Jim (39:57)

Reaching out to our guest
JimHarnish.org (Jim's blog)

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